OSOSilversmiths’ Verve

13 May 2016

OSOSilversmiths’ Verve

One of the most common questions we get is the choice of our name. Why One Slash One

Well, we are in the business of making customized works, and we love working on one-of-a-kind designs that are unique not only for us, but which also contain and convey certain meaningful contexts specific only to their wearer(s). The 1/1 that we brand-mark on any item is a sign of quality and above all, it is an unspoken bond for all of us involved in every project. Till today, we have many recurring clients who are now, friends. Having friends who believe in our work is a big deal for us, and it keeps us going, even if it's against the tide.

For a while now, we have been creating impractical works; designs that takes time to develop and produce, rings that are relatively massive to your regular Tiffany's, and basically everything that the rest of the industry shuns from. Thailand boasts some of the biggest jewellery exports (the biggest global brands have their productions based here), the latest technology and a skilled labour force (still one of the cheapest across the globe). While this might be impressive on a statistical scale, chances are the designs available in your favourite shopping mall today probably look similar to those you saw last year, five years back or even twenty years ago. Decidedly, we wanted no part in rehashing designs and its perpetuation.

Working without the corporate constraints of ROIs, and perhaps even popular preferences, is liberating. Armed with latest technology, acquired skills and the invaluable gift to imagine, we push limits for innovation in design and craftsmanship, and we seek continuously to demonstrate what could have been otherwise, because we don't believe in compromise when it comes to our craft and we see it as a responsibility to advance it in a qualitative direction. 

For that purpose, One Slash One Silversmiths are proud to be impractical, to be radical, and we carry the 1/1 mark proudly.