Truth in Silver

29 March 2016

Truth in Silver

Once, a gentleman picked up one of our rings and asked if it were real, and we assured him that it is authentically silver. He pressed on, "I meant is it platinum or the likes of it."

By that he also meant silver to be a fraudulent imitation of the pricier elements.

Jewellery, as indicated by name, the emphasis is placed on the sparkling jewel, thus ascribing the accompanying material (often precious metals) with the auxiliary function of mediation between (gem)stones and body. Metal type and to a lesser extent, design, are value-adding components of any piece of jewellery, and ROIs is a huge incentive explaining the popularity of gold and platinum.

OSOSilversmiths, as dictated by nature, the crux of our craft lies in the adage "Truth to materials". Silver being the cheaper cousin to gold, platinum etc., provides accessiblity to the wider populace, and offers greater versatility in design when the pressure to control weight/cost is minimal as relative to the more expensive metals. With a greater incentive in exploring design options, it becomes a rewarding pursuit in creating forms that communicate ideals, sharing them through wearables and honing our craft in the process.

VOILA Rings is the embodiment of our love affair with silver. Referencing the weakness for the huge rock that is diamond, we went back to the basics of silversmithing; attentive details to lines, nooks and crooks, differentiate surface treatment to demonstrate the elasticity of silver appearances, and the oft-forgotten fit-for-comfort, all in all to house the diamond that never was.

Is it real? We say, "more than you can believe".