At OSOS, we are a vibrant team of creatives and craftspeople devoted to our arts,
and by extension, we are committed to
delivering output of utmost quality. 

Design Consultancy

Our design consultancy offers unique perspectives on designs and draws up customized proposals to complement, communicate and boost your brand directions, ensuring that your designs are always the talk of the town. Production is helmed by an energetic team of skilled silversmiths and craftspeople, with the keenest eyes for details and an unswerving sense of dedication in crafting quality items that reflects the value and superiority of your products.

Here, we run small but we run on passion; from endless squabbles to seamless exchange of expertise, we have the fluidity in creating exceptional designs, the scruples to keep your designs exclusive and the efficacy to deliver quality products on time. Motivated by new challenges, our team looks forward to exploring ways we can forge a new lasting chapter with you ahead.

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