New Collection 2016: Abyssal Mystique

8 December 2016

New Collection 2016: Abyssal Mystique

2016 is coming to a close soon, and there's just this one collection we need to drop before we pop those drinks. Abyssal Mystique is a series of 6 wearable sculptures (rings) that we envisioned and crafted for the past year, taking bold creative liberties with dwellers on the deepest of ocean floors.

Our oceans have sustained the Planet for the longest time, even as we ravage the waters for food, fuel and myriad substances that we don't need, it still nourishes countless of aquatic lives. The deeper it gets we imagine, the safer the refuge; and a decidedly pristine environment at the very bottom of the ocean floor. When naive exhilaration is met by the impulse to create, the sculptures start forming out of oceanic creatures, marine flora, rock textures, and a whole lot of imagination.

Abyssal Mystique is essentially an homage to our oceans, through which we hope to share the ideal of a more sustainable ocean for all, with you.


P.S. Check out original drawings that our AD did for the series.