BIFF & BIL 2016 Showcase

2 March 2016

BIFF & BIL 2016 Showcase

The past month has been a blur with everyone working at breakneck speed in the studios. As legends have it, OSOSilversmiths are a very hands-on bunch; when it comes to shows like this, we just have to get down and dirty with carpentry, woodworking on top of the obscene amount of R&D on our new collections as there's always a better finishing that we can accomplish. It is a particularly poignant moment to reflect on the months spent planning and subsequent execution with everyone combining the best of their skills and temperaments, in creating a provisional space that best represents what we believe in and are proud of.

This showcase we'll be bringing you Collection 3073KM, a continual travelogue in silver, and the Himmaphan Collection that comprises of Series of works from GANESHA, HANUMAN and ANNONTA, THE KING FISH

Inspired by roadtrips, campfires and the communal spirit, Collection 3073KM is a reenactment of travel encounters that embarked from a scenic drive through northern Thailand. They said to leave only footprints and not take anything on the way, but we couldn't leave without any mementos. So we made them instead.  

From Sukhothai Period to modern Thailand, there has been over 700 years of cultural wealth that can be tapped. The Himmaphan Collection is borne out of the belief that contemporary design acuity paired with modern innovations, we could invoke a introspective progression rather than obsessing over what's popular over foreign shores.     

The hours, thoughts, heart & soul dedicated to creating this space that lasts the whole of 5 days will be justified by your visit. Help us make this event a remarkable journey, and we promise you, you will not be disappointed.