Prologue - Collection: Annonta, The King Fish

14 January 2016

Prologue - Collection: Annonta, The King Fish

Most of the time we work on ODM projects, designing and crafting items for brands from different parts of the world, and there certainly is a great sense of accomplishment to watch their brands grow. But our true love still lies in our own design ventures that we squeezed out from whatever little time we have.

The decision to set up base in Bangkok is partly attributed to the allure of its culture, and in spite of the incredibly high tourist traffic flowing in and out daily, most of her literature is lost to the rest of civilization. Try googling Annonta and you will not believe how this was a popular folklore that passed from generations to generations, and eventually gotten lost in this golden era of digitalization that is still one gorge away from overcoming the language barrier. 

Annonta (pronounced as An-non in the Land of Smiles) was believed to come into being at the same time the world was created, bearing the form of a fish so large that he bears too, the weight of the world. For most of the time, he lies dormant underwater. Once in while, feeling the burden from carrying the weight on his back, he will twist his body a little or flip his tail slightly to ease the discomfort. Given his enormity, the barest twitch from the great Annonta creates devastating earthquakes and annihilating typhoons that threatens all terrestrial life.

Despite being holed up in the studios for most of the day, we do keep ourselves updated about how the globe spins and conversations tend to turn intense when they involve the uglier aspects of the human conditions and its subsequent impact on our corporeal space. Our love of sharks is quite evident and it was a real easy decision to adopt and adapt Annonta into our design cosmos. Annonta, in its full-on Thai subtlety, regality and gracefulness, is the poetic cousin of The Wrath of Mother Nature.

For the naysayers, we know there is a difference between saying that we care about Nature and actually doing something; we developed various forms of Annonta just to remind ourselves and everyone caught in our sphere of influence that we're in this together, so let's just be decent to each other and let Mother Nature take a breather too. 

Sit back, relax and we hope you will enjoy Annonta, The King Fish, coming soon to you this January.