Travel thoughts in 3073KM

2 December 2015

Travel thoughts in 3073KM

Travel is a great way to let loose and in the midst of that, allow new perceptions and ideas creep in.

The road trip we took last year is still fresh in our memories, clocking a total distance of 3073km, and which culminated in a collection of works that we would like to expand on as we traverse through different lands and terrains. Lasting slightly over a week, the drive was a planned journey crammed with many spontaneous detours, enriching not just the journey itself, as we brought home new perspectives and knowledge. Also, it brought us closer through the shared experience.

Camping was a paradoxical affair considering the amount of equipment that we required for convenient lodging. Nevertheless, the collective effort in making things work (pitching tents, setting campfire, preparing that mandatory grill and the copious amount of food we bought at local markets) made the experience so much more meaningful. Needless to say, liquor was a bonding agent as we conversed, listened and sang through the night, accompanied by a constant crackling from the fiery twigs.  There was a constant sense of liberty throughout the trip, with spontaneity being the key and friends for grit, it certainly felt like we could drive on forever. (#OSOSilversmithsForever?)

Having learnt much along the way, we also gained a renewed understanding of ourselves. As we ponder on the next trip, Collection 3073KM is the creative outcome from that trip and do keep checking back at our site as we update new works consistently.

Anyways, we're counting down already, are you? #WillWorkForTravel