New Year’s Forecast: It’s gonna rain silver in 2016.

8 January 2016

New Year’s Forecast: It’s gonna rain silver in 2016.

We've barely settled into our chairs and it's already been a week of January gone! 

Still soaked in our latest escape, having hiked through wintry mountains, trod amongst festive streets and forged new acquaintances (that we reckon are going to last a lifetime), we have enough material from our encounters to digest for a very, very long time. Now that we've returned fired up to face the slew of projects lined up for the year and the next, it's the start of of a challenging year that will see us racing in several directions and perhaps mark a new milestone at the end of 2016.

Until then, we promise more regular updates and everyone here at One Slash One Studios wish you countless happy returns in this exciting 2016 and let's scale new boundaries together!

(*We're gonna let slip that on Valentine's Day we'll be seeing something exclusive. So don't miss out on some really special deals on our subsequent posts!)