First official blog and it looks like a…

29 October 2015

First official blog and it looks like a…

Other than glorious skies and sunsets, One Slash One Studios offers silversmithing services (and more, if you sniff through our site) and a rather perculiar ideology about the business. 

While most pursue economies of scale through expansive manufacturing or otherwise flocking to a certain country where almost everything is made in, we run small and efficient. We give credence to the decades-old experience and expertise in jewellery-making and silversmithing that this land has developed and just waiting for our generation to devise ways for it to thrive, instead of uprooting &/ competing for transitory cut-rate options.

At OSOS, we are artists who not only believe in upholding the integrity of our works and also in treating people right. By some sheer twist of fate, we have become a family of married couples, siblings and lifelong friends through defending a practice that we have come to love and be an integral part of. Being tight-knit enhances efficiency through better communications and having everyone being auxiliary to each other. However being skillful or talented in this land does not guarantee decent living conditions that developed cities enjoy; the sustainability of our work depends on those who believe in what we have to offer and what we seek to subvert. It might be futile for all we know, but One Slash One Studios drives a movement for sustainable development and greater equity for the people of this land, starting from the skilled and diligent individuals in the studios.

For a start, we'll work on maintaining quality for our works which can be assessed at, well our works. In the future to come, we'll like to continue enjoying our sunsets and glorious skies, with your support.